Home sales and listings continue to follow historical averages

We are forecasting that the five-year fixed rate will
remain anchored near its current level for much of
the first half of 2014 before gradually increasing
along with a much improved economic outlook.

It seems all we ever hear on the news is bad news after bad news. Fortunately for you real estate savvy folks following the Beyond Homes Group, we have positive data indicating that the best is yet to come. The sword is double edged though...

Firstly, it seems that interests are still at an all time low. However, forcasted economic expansion in the coming years anticipates that these rates are temporary and will be forced to go down.

On the other hand, with an expanding economy it means buyers will also have more purchasing power. This can result in more sales and thus creating a stronger sellers market. Inventory that has been taking a while to sell may pick up as the economy swings upwards.

Either way, stay informed. Food for thought to take you beyond homes...