Why I built my startup in Vancouver, not Silicon Valley

A great mobile developer requires both data-driven and creative talent, and we found an abundance of both in Vancouver. The city’s history of companies specializing in web app development, including locals Vision Critical, Blast Radius and Mobify, and internationals Facebook and Amazon, combined with experts in gaming thanks to companies, like EA, Relic Entertainment and East Side Games, made the local talent pool perfectly primed for our needs. It’s also not too hard on the eyes, making it an easy choice.

As Vancouver's property prices soar from global investors, some question the sustainability of these prices. I'd like to agree with this article in the influx of high-tech companies that not only provide outstanding advances on technology and internet revolution, but also an influx of high-income and sought after talents that will fuel the demand for Vancouver housing. Question is, do you know where the boom in our city will be? Maybe we do. Food for thought to take you beyond homes... 

International builders soak up the Vancouver model

The Globe and Mail article

They wanted a place that didn’t hide its industry, and they elected to keep housing at its fringes to avoid any pushback from strata boards that might oppose the sights and sounds of it. Instead, Granville Island is surrounded by dense condo development that supports its economy. It’s the perfect example of complementary mixed-use housing, industrial and retail development. Enter, the "Urban Magnet"

This is a creative idea spreading internationally that was originally culminated in the creation of Vancouver's "Granville Island". The Urban Magnet is a development model that encourages industrial/residential cohabitation rather than segregating them completely. Using Granville Island as an example (...did you know Granville Island is the 2nd most popular Canadian tourist hot spot after Niagra falls) it is an ideal example of this synergy. High rises and condos have been built around this Urban Magnet, a community that sustains and thrives through it's diversity and complexity. 

Magnetically drawn to this idea? Food for thought to take you beyond homes...

Vancouver 'Eco-heritage' project blends old and new

The Globe and Mail article

The Vancouver Sun Article

the houses are part of an eco-friendly project to restore historically significant homes and bring them up to lofty environmental standards.

Innovative developers are not looking into changing the value of heritage homes in Vancouver by retaining them rather than destroying them. The news is so encouraging to Vancouver residences as more often than not, rare heritages homes built in old Vancouver are torn down to create new homes. Because the majority of homes consist of "Vancouver Specials", it makes it even more depraving when these heritage homes are lost. With new technology and architectural advance, not only is it retaining history, but it is also very profitable for future developers to use this eco-heritage concept. May you be looking for an opportunity such as this? Drop us a line at Beyond Homes Group and we can help! 

Let us keep an eye out for your opportunities! Food for thought to take you beyond homes..

For those interested in the case study for this Union St project please click here.

BMO slashes key mortgage rate

BMO’s decision came the same day that Canada’s biggest banks made it clear they are all but counting out the chance of a major correction in housing prices.

The unspeakable has happened again. It has been a topic of discussion in major Canadian banks that the Canadian mortgage rates are at it's all time low and that the reasonable forecast is that it can only rise from here on. Rising debt levels, sensitivity to interest rates, and changing bond yields defy this motion today. BMO was the first major bank to chop it's 5-year rate, an indication that other large banks may follow. What does this mean for you? As a buyer, you are a more empowered. The COST of borrowing will be reduced and this increases the potential home you are looking at. As a seller, it means demand may increase, but it may also mean other sellers around may list their home-increasing supply. Choose the team that can advise you in this changing real estate market as it gets warm...to the inevitable HOT! 

Don't hesitate for advice. Food for thought to take you beyond homes..

Home sales and listings continue to follow historical averages

We are forecasting that the five-year fixed rate will
remain anchored near its current level for much of
the first half of 2014 before gradually increasing
along with a much improved economic outlook.

It seems all we ever hear on the news is bad news after bad news. Fortunately for you real estate savvy folks following the Beyond Homes Group, we have positive data indicating that the best is yet to come. The sword is double edged though...

Firstly, it seems that interests are still at an all time low. However, forcasted economic expansion in the coming years anticipates that these rates are temporary and will be forced to go down.

On the other hand, with an expanding economy it means buyers will also have more purchasing power. This can result in more sales and thus creating a stronger sellers market. Inventory that has been taking a while to sell may pick up as the economy swings upwards.

Either way, stay informed. Food for thought to take you beyond homes...

Gen Y is redefining home ownership - and the B.C. real estate market

Globe and Mail

"...But they are a more urban group, no longer dependent on a car, partly because of cost, and partly because they genuinely care about sustainability."

Understanding the demands of the upcoming generation is important in determining what the coming real estate trends entail. As we see the urban sprawl spread across metro Vancouver, there are certain things that appeal to the younger generation. What is the curb appeal of your home?

Food for thought to take you beyond homes...

Investor road to Canada hits a dead end with immigrant program’s closing

The Globe and Mail

"...the [immigrant investor program] will be replaced by two pilot projects: an immigrant investor venture capital fund and a business skills program. "

Ottawa has officially announced it is scrapping the investor immigrant program, even though it has already postponed many applications as of 2012. What impact does this have on your real estate property and what can you do about it? Was this program effective to begin with and will the changes be prominent enough to affect our market?

Food for thought to take you beyond homes...