Vancouver 'Eco-heritage' project blends old and new

The Globe and Mail article

The Vancouver Sun Article

the houses are part of an eco-friendly project to restore historically significant homes and bring them up to lofty environmental standards.

Innovative developers are not looking into changing the value of heritage homes in Vancouver by retaining them rather than destroying them. The news is so encouraging to Vancouver residences as more often than not, rare heritages homes built in old Vancouver are torn down to create new homes. Because the majority of homes consist of "Vancouver Specials", it makes it even more depraving when these heritage homes are lost. With new technology and architectural advance, not only is it retaining history, but it is also very profitable for future developers to use this eco-heritage concept. May you be looking for an opportunity such as this? Drop us a line at Beyond Homes Group and we can help! 

Let us keep an eye out for your opportunities! Food for thought to take you beyond homes..

For those interested in the case study for this Union St project please click here.