International builders soak up the Vancouver model

The Globe and Mail article

They wanted a place that didn’t hide its industry, and they elected to keep housing at its fringes to avoid any pushback from strata boards that might oppose the sights and sounds of it. Instead, Granville Island is surrounded by dense condo development that supports its economy. It’s the perfect example of complementary mixed-use housing, industrial and retail development. Enter, the "Urban Magnet"

This is a creative idea spreading internationally that was originally culminated in the creation of Vancouver's "Granville Island". The Urban Magnet is a development model that encourages industrial/residential cohabitation rather than segregating them completely. Using Granville Island as an example (...did you know Granville Island is the 2nd most popular Canadian tourist hot spot after Niagra falls) it is an ideal example of this synergy. High rises and condos have been built around this Urban Magnet, a community that sustains and thrives through it's diversity and complexity. 

Magnetically drawn to this idea? Food for thought to take you beyond homes...